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Furniture Hardware from Furniture Knowledge! We are your best source for Antique and Furniture Parts!

If you’re looking for Furniture Hardware for a special Antique Furniture project, then you came to the right place. We are “the one stop shop” for all your antique restoration and furniture hardware needs. This is why Furniture Knowledge was created, as this is where you will be able to gain complete access to all the necessary supplies you need to help your craftsmanship and perform a stellar Antique Furniture Repair. No matter what Furniture hardware you need “we probably carry it”. We also have great tips to get you started on your restoration project. From Antique Trunks, Chair repair, caning to Hoosier cabinet parts, to modern bidet and shower heads — We got it all. Click the “Shop our Products” link here or in the left hand menu, use the search bar below, or click a link below to see our furniture hardware. 



We Carry Antique Chest Parts and Trunk Parts

Are you restoring your old antique trunk?  Some people call them antique chests too.  Most commonly you may have heard of a steamer trunk.  What ever you want to call it, we have a huge selection of antique trunk hardware to choose from.  You name it and we probably got your trunk hardware.  Most people know that when you get an antique item, you do not want to restore it or mess with the patina of the piece.  Trunks and chests are different.  With a proper trunk restoration you can turn your chest into not only an awesome looking piece of furniture, but it will raise the value of the trunk quite a bit. Trunks are really fun to customize. Especially, with our trunk hardware. They are easy to restore and make your own.  With all the different  antique trunk hardware we have, and all the different finishes we have them in, the possibilities are endless.  From trunk exterior or the interior items, we got you covered.  Here is a list of some popular antique trunk hardware that we have to offer:

  trunk hardwaretrunk hardware


Check our our Seat Weaving and Chair Caning

Other than furniture hardware, Furniture Knowledge also specializes in chair parts and caning supplies. One very common type of chair caning material that was invented and first used back in the 1870’s is machine woven cane webbing.  It also goes by a few other names; cane webbing, sheet cane, spline cane and cane panels.  This is where the cane strips are woven on a loom into panels or sheets.  Cane webbing is a lot easier and less time consuming than its counterpart, hole-to-hole hand caning.  Really, the hardest part of this caning process, is getting rid of the old glue and old cane and cleaning out the groove.  At first it might look intimidating but when you get into it, you will really enjoy it.  Weather it is cane weaving, shaker tape weaving, rush or wicker we can help. Not only do we provide all the items you need, we also provide the knowledge and know how.  We carry Chair Caning instructional videos and books to help you get started.   Besides chair caning, we also carry up to date chair parts. Swivel plates, rocker springs etc, what ever you need to fix your chair.   Chair caning or chair parts, when you fix it yourself, you will feel confident and proud of your own chair restoration.










chair caning


Hoosier Cabinet Parts & Hoosier Style Accessories


Do you own or need to fix up your Hoosier style cabinet?  We have all Hoosier Cabinet Parts you will need.  A Hoosier cabinet  AKA “Hoosier” is a type of cupboard that was popular in the first decades of the 20th century.  They were named after the Hoosier Manufacturing Co. of New Castle, Indiana.  The Cabinets were also made by several other companies as well.  Wilson, Boone, Napanee, McDougall, and Sellers just to name a few.  The typical Hoosier style cabinet consisted of 3 separate parts and had many Hoosier Style Accessories.   First being the base of the cabinet.  It mostly just had one large compartment with a slide-out shelf, and several drawers to one side.  A lot of times it would sit on small leg caps or small casters.  The second or top portion is smaller than the base cabinet.  It features several smaller compartments with doors, with one of the larger lower compartments having a roll-top drawer or tambour. The top and the bottom sections are put together with a pair of metal channels that act as the guide for a sliding counter top, which usually has a pair of shallow drawers affixed to its underside.  The Hoosier style cabinets were fairly shallow.  Most of them were only about 2 feet deep.  The width and length were average about 4 to 6 feet.   The main features about the Hoosier style cabinets were all of the accessories you could get for them.  They mainly came with different sized racks, and Hoosier Style Accessories to customize it how ever you wanted it.  They had spice rack hardware, a combination flour bin and flour sifter (which was really popular).  They had tin hoppers, sugar bins were also common.  Custom glass jars were made just for the cabinets. They were made to fit on the custom racks perfectly.  Sneath Glass Company was one of the major companies that made these jars.  There were coffee and tea canisters, a salt box, cracker jar, and about 4-8 spice jars.   On the inside of the doors, you could usually find information cards.  Menus, Measurement conversion charts, name plates and other household help pages. Hoosier cabinets were really popular up into the 1920’s, but by that time houses began to be built with more modern kitchens with built-in cabinets and other fixtures. Which slowly phased out the need for a huge Hoosier cabinet.  However, the they still remain common on the antique market, and are still used as supplemental cabinets even today.   Check out our wide variety of cabinet parts and Hoosier style accessories.










furniture hardwarefurniture hardware


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